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Aegis7 Gaming is a primarily Aussie gaming community that started off playing the MMOFPS, PlanetSide 2. We've since moved on to playing all kinds of different games such as World of Warships, Overwatch, League of Legends, GTA V, Battlefield, World of Warcraft and even Dungeons and Dragons... plus more!

With over 350 Active Members from all across the globe (mainly from Australia and New Zealand), finding a mate to game with is easier than ever before!
We're always looking for new members and mates to game with. Click the Green Button below to jump in and say G'day!

Discord for us is a great tool that allows us to communicate when we are relaxing, bored at work or pretty much anywhere! As a close knit community, we like to be able to arrange games for after `life things` are finished. It also serves as a great announcement platform for large events, game-specific or community-wide.
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